The newly proposed European Super League has been dealt a major blow this week after FIFA president, Gianni Infantino, warned that any participants would be barred from playing in the World Cup as a consequence.

This announcement from Infantino was prompted by the leaking of documents that contained information about European clubs hinting that they would leave their leagues and associations to form a European Super League. German publication Der Spiegel claimed top European clubs held secret talks to create a such a set-up by 2021.

Infantino said: "You are either in or you are out. If there are players who don't play organised football then that encompasses everything - national leagues, confederation competitions, the Euros and the World Cup.”

He continued to go on to say that FIFA’s play to evolve the Club World Cup was “the answer to any attempt to break away from the leagues" because it would "generate much more revenues for the clubs but also much more revenues for solidarity.”

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