Manchester United sit top of the table when it comes to social media following in the Premier League, according to a new report from Newton Insight. The report ranked the social media performance of all 20 clubs based on eight factors, including fanbase size, engagement rates and fanbase growth.

The Red Devils, who have over 118m followers across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, benefitted from the launch of their official YouTube channel in February 2018 which has since amassed over 1.3m subscribers. Helping to deliver bespoke content to fans across the globe.

United’s rivals, Manchester City, are proving that they are also a team that is admired globally adding more than 7m new Facebook followers in a year. This figure represents more than half of the total Premier League growth on Facebook.

Clubs throughout the league are recognising the importance of having a social presence outside of Western platforms. With Burnley adding more than 100,000 Chinese followers on their Sina-Weibo channel. Which highlights the global popularity the Premier League has, even for clubs outside of the Top 6.

The Premier League was recently announced as the most influential European football league online in China. Read more here.

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