UEFA are set to launch its first European esports tournament to run alongside Euro 2020, and are looking for partners to help deliver the event. The announcement comes after the continued success and growth of FIFA’s eWorld Cup (formerly FIWC), with the latest edition attracting over 20 million entrants.

UEFA are keen to strengthen the relationship between the physical sport and their electronic counterparts and are looking for firms with a proven track record in the creation, organisation and operation of esports events. Whilst the selected organiser would be responsible for rules, format, providing live streams, data capture and analysis; UEFA would oversee advertising, marketing, promotion and operation of the event.

It has not been announced whether the tournament will be played on EA’s FIFA series of Konami’s PES – or if it will be a football-based tournament at all. Earlier this year UEFA ended their official license with Konami, which was subsequently picked up by FIFA. Meaning that for the first-time ever the Champions League and Europa League will feature in FIFA 19.

For these reasons it would make sense for the tournament to be played on FIFA, utilising the newly obtained UEFA license.

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