Spanish telecoms company, Telefonica, has outbid rival Mediapro for the broadcasting majority of La Liga. The three-season deal sees a €450m increase from the previous combined deal struck between Mediapro, Telefonica and other parties. The total raised during the rights auction was €3.4bn.

Telefonica was awarded the two main packages, entitling them to broadcast nine matches each week. Whilst Mediapro was awarded rights to one match each week, as well as highlights and broadcasts in public spaces.

La Liga also extended its partnership with Mediapro for the sale of international rights. The new five-year deal, starting from the 2019/20 season, guarantees La Liga €4.485bn in revenue, a 30% increase on the previous three-year cycle.

Mediapro have also gained power with VAR brand after registering the ‘VAR’ phrase throughout Europe. Read more here.