Sky has launched a new, weekly, Premier League live-chat show “The Football Social” in an attempt to reach more non-linear football viewers. A continuation of the series that was broadcast during the World Cup. Live streaming on YouTube and Facebook, the 33-week-long series aired on August 11th during the Premier League’s first round of fixtures.

The Football Social provides live, Soccer Saturday type, commentary from YouTube channel Football Daily and Sky Sports Soccer AM. Betting tips and offers also feature during the broadcast, brought to viewers by sponsor Sky Bet. An interesting appointment given the demographic of viewers of The Football Social on YouTube will predominantly be young males, not necessarily over the age of 18.

The eight-part series that ran during the World Cup received 2.5m views, whilst the first episode of the Premier League series currently has over 200,000 views. Jason Hughes, head of creative solutions and branded content at Sky said that it was “a good start” to growing its YouTube audience.