The transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus is still the hottest deal of the transfer window so far and fans of Juventus and CR7 are certainly showing their support. Within 24hrs of Ronaldo’s unveiling the club had sold $60m worth of Ronaldo shirts, which equates to around 520,000 shirts. During the 2016/17 season Juventus sold 850,000 shirts, a number that Ronaldo looks likely to eclipse on his own.

Luka Modric has now taken Ronaldo’s crown as the most popular shirt at Real Madrid.

However, Juventus are likely to pocket no more than 10% of the shirt sale revenue with the majority of the money going to the kit manufacturer, Adidas.

The social media influence Ronaldo has, was made apparent when he signed for Juventus, as the club gained more than a million new Twitter followers overnight. Ronaldo himself has over 200m followers on social media, making his social channels a huge advertising platform for brands. A single sponsored post from CR7’s accounts holds a value of $750,000.