ArsenalFanTV is coming to terrestrial television after scoring a four-part series on Channel 4, titled The Real Football Fan Show. ArsenalFanTV is an online phenomenon, which has amassed over 2m social media followers, gaining success through a no-holds-barred approach to match reporting and in the process, has made host Robbie Lyle a celebrity in his own right.

Robbie will host the new show, which will also feature contributions from similar fan channels 100% Chelsea and The United Stand. However, what makes these YouTube channels so successful is the live reaction from fans after the matches, the unfiltered and unregulated content and the almost instant upload time to the internet. The instant reactions make the content topical and often controversial, with ArsenalFanTV becoming famed for outrageous outbursts from regular guests.

The challenge for The Real Football Fan Show will be whether or not the same passion and controversy can be generated for television. This is just another example of how the Information Age is playing a huge part in mainstream media consumption and how social media influencers are now held in the same regard footballing pundits.