The NFL confirmed that four regular-season games will be played in London in 2019, following the success of the three played in the capital this season, which drew an average crowd of over 85,000. Although the teams for next season have not been confirmed, the venues have, with Wembley hosting two matches and Tottenham’s new stadium the others.

Tottenham played Manchester City on Monday night where pitch markings were still present from the nights previous NFL game between Jacksonville Jaguars and the Philadelphia Eagles. However, this would not be a problem at Spurs’ new stadium, as revolutionary technology will allow two playing surfaces within the same stadium.

The NFL began playing regular-season games in London in 2007, with 29 of the 32 teams having made the trip at least once. It’s clear to see the growth in popularity the sport has had in Britain and many now believe that the UK will one day have its own NFL franchise.