La Liga made a historic announcement this week, unveiling that the Spanish top flight will hold competitive matches in the US, starting as early as this season. As the league continues to secure greater revenue and exposure from international audiences.

The decision has been made by La Liga in an effort to compete with the global popularity of rival leagues such as the Premier League, which has long had a strong following in the US.

The overseas games form part of a 15-year joint venture between La Liga and Relevent Sports, a promoter backed by billionaire owner of the Miami Dolphins, Stephen Ross. However, it is unclear at the moment which teams will play in the US, which cities will host games and how many matches will be played each season. Although teams such as Real Madrid and Barcelona will have the biggest attraction from US fans.

Rumours of a 39th Premier League game being played in the US have been rife over the last few years, yet it’s La Liga who make the first venture to the States. Richard Scudamore's plan was to introduce an extra Premier League fixture, as not to damage the competitive 'purity' of having a home and away fixture against each team. Whilst La Liga appear to be willing to sacrifice the home advantage of one team and try and make it up to them financially.