England got off to a winning start in the World Cup, beating Tunisia 2-1, however it could have been a lot more convincing after the Three Lions didn’t get the rub of the green. Manchester United’s Jesse Lingard went closest for England after hitting the post and having a shot blocked off the line, denying him the chance to perform his JLINGZ celebration.

The 25-year old applied for four trademarks before the World Cup started, three of which featured his nickname ‘JLINGZ’ and the other featuring an image of his goal celebration. So, if Lingard is to score in Russia we are likely to see him hide his head behind his hands, shaping them into his initials, LG.

Other top athletes have trademarked their celebrations to add to their brand, including Gareth Bale’s ‘Eleven of Hearts’, Usain Bolt’s ‘Lightning Bolt’ and Mo Farah’s ‘Mobot’. Lingard’s trademark prevents other companies to sell products or services using the celebration, not the celebration itself.