Earlier this month Inter Milan announced their new #InterSocialNight campaign, helping the club to engage with fans around the world, as they look to qualify for the Champions League for the first time since 2012.

On Tuesday night Inter hosted the first #InterSocialNight, as they beat Cagliari 4-0. The campaign went viral as Inter unveiled special Instagram inspired kits ahead of their game, with the players’ names being replaced by their official Instagram handles. However, the kits and the overall campaign received a mix reception as the club attempts to engage with a younger and wider fanbase.

Fans outside the San Siro on Tuesday were also given the opportunity to purchase the ‘social kit’, a €50 bundle that included a matchday ticket, an exclusive Inter Social Night t-shirt and entrance to the Arancio Sky Lounge to continue the celebrations.

The #InterSocialNight campaign is part of a bigger social effort from the club. Inter Media House have undertaken various projects during the season, to connect with fans inside the San Siro and watching around the world. Including producing a 110 piece of mixed-media content to celebrate Inter’s 110th birthday.