The FA have proposed a plan that would see the number of foreign players in a Premier League’s 25-man squad reduced, post-Brexit. The report states that it wants the number of overseas players cut to 12 out of 25, down from the 17 currently allowed under Premier League rules.

Clubs from the Premier League and Football League are against rule change, the FA are thought to see the restriction as an opportunity to increase the amount of British talent on display in the English leagues.

Currently FA rules mean that just eight players must be ‘home-grown’, which doesn’t mean players have to be British born. Players that have spent three years in the country before their 21st birthday are categorised as home-grown.

However, with the UK set to leave the EU in March 2019, the exact ramifications for European-born footballers have not yet been outlined. What is clear though, is that players from EU nations will no longer possess the right to work in the UK without a work permit, as is already the case for non-EU players.