EA Sports and Adidas have collaborated to bring out four limited edition kits both digitally in-game on FIFA 19 and physically via Adidas’ website and official clubs stores. The kits, that are being dubbed the ‘digital fourth kits’, have been produced for Adidas’ Top 4 – Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juventus and Bayern Munich.

The kits are available digitally to gamers via the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) game mode but can also be purchased physically, with prices ranging from £65 - £80. The line between the virtual world and the real world are becoming more blurred, as gaming and esports has shifted from a niche to mainstream culture.

The kits themselves will definitely divide opinion as Manchester United unveiled an eye-catching leopard print kit. Bayern and Madrid have opted for astronomical designs, with Real saying that theirs pays homage to a club full of stars that are blessed with skills from another planet. Finally, Juventus has chosen a design that mirrors the clubs forward-thinking attitude.

The power of esports was highlighted last weekend as Hashtag United hosted the latest edition of the EE Wembley Cup, more here.

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