The LA Clippers have announced the launch of their new ‘Clippers CourtVision’ service, which aims to revolutionise how fans watch matches through AI technology. CourtVision uses technology provided by AI experts, Second Spectrum, which combines real-time data visuals and augmented reality content.

Fans who are subscribed to the Fox Sports Prime Ticket channel will have access to all of CourtVision’s modes. Coach Mode, which diagrams the plays as they happen, Player Mode, in which real-time-updating shooting percentages hover over each player, and Mascot Mode, which incorporates fan-friendly animations, graphics and special effects.

Clippers’ owner Steve Ballmer, former Microsoft CEO, said: “It’s long been a dream of mine to use technology to transform the sports-watching experience.”

SportQuake believe that the new technology could transform the way fans consume, not just NBA, but all sports. Making sport more viewer-friendly for younger audiences as the AI overlays more closely resemble video games and turn even the dullest of matches into entertaining spectacles.

The NBA recently tied up another technology deal with Beats, to become the leagues official headphone supplier. Read more here.