The world’s fastest human could be terrorising defenders in eSports tournaments across the globe soon, as a spokesperson for EA Sports confirmed that Usain Bolt will be added into FIFA 19 should he be signed by a team.

Bolt, who is currently on trial at the Central Coast Mariners, would be the fastest player in the game should he be added in FIFA’s annual winter update. EA’s spokesperson continued to say “If Usain is picked up by the Central Coast Mariners then he will automatically be included in the Winter update or the next major update, but if he isn’t listed then he might be included as a free agent.”

 The 32-year-old, who scored twice for the Mariners on his full professional debut, has already turned down a two-year contract with Maltese side Valletta. Despite rejecting the contract Valletta chief executive, Ghasston Slimen, said that the offer is always on the table should Bolt change his mind.

Bolt could be in action in the ePremier League should he be added in FIFA 19. More here.

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