Spanish champions, Barcelona, have withdrawn from the proposed La Liga match in Miami which was set to be played against Girona in January. The decision came after a lack of consensus between La Liga, the Royal Spanish Football Federation and FIFA.

Despite scrapping plans for the match in January, Barcelona are still keen to play a La Liga fixture in Miami given the revenue and exposure it will bring. An official club statement said: “FC Barcelona were and remain willing to play a La Liga game in Miami and accepted that income from the game would be shared amongst all Primera División and Segunda División clubs, following the same criteria of television rights money distribution, but consider that this project will not prosper until there is an agreement between all parties.”

In August Barca agreed a 15-year partnership with US sports and entertainment company, Relevent Sports, to promote La Liga in the US and bring competitive matches to the continent.

This announcement comes just two weeks after Barcelona confirming that they would be open to playing La Liga matches in China. Read more here.

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