Spanish giants Barcelona have confirmed that they are open to playing La Liga matches in China, in the future, according to club chief executive Oscar Grau. So far, the plan has struggled to gain unanimous support from other Spanish clubs, the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and even FIFA. However, Grau doesn’t rule out playing further matches outside of Spain in order to grow the club and La Liga as a whole.

Barca have already given their backing to La Liga’s 15-year deal with Relevent Sports to stage an annual fixture in the US, with the current champions scheduled to face Girona in Miami for the inaugural fixture.

Although Grau supports the idea of playing in China, he understands that everyone must be on board for it to work. “Since the beginning Barcelona supported this project. It’s good for the brand of La Liga, for the brand of Barca. We can reach more fans, for potential sponsors, for the potential TV rights. It’s just one match from 380. We can accept it. But since the first minute, we say, we need to do it in harmony. We need all the stakeholders to agree on the proposal” said Grau.

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